Pro-Vision IR Services & Management Solutions cc. was formed because of the passion for Labour Relations of Lanthis Taylor, the Managing Member, which was developed by his involvement in the Labour Movement initially, and subsequently from a Managerial perspective. He identified a need for the exposure of small, medium and other business enterprises to the statutes surrounding sound employment relations. 

The Government’s drive to expand SMME’s to facilitate job creation and future wealth for budding entrepreneurs, has created an opportunity for the organisation to provide a service that will facilitate the promotion of sound practices and the statutes as such. 

In considering the history of this country and that the previously oppressed masses are now more aware of their rights, many employers and would-be employers are now intimidated by the maze of legislation. This uncertainty leads to employers not wanting to expand their businesses to create new employment. 

The economic cycle cannot grow because foreign investors are reluctant to invest in an unsound economy. A consultative service to Enterprises in the focus areas of Labour Law, Employment Relations, Conflict Management, Dispute Resolution and related legislation is thus on offer. 

Built on the ethos of HONESTY, TRUST, INTEGRITY and SERVICE DELIVERY, Pro-Vision IR Services offers a wide range of supporting services through an association with a network of expertise and experience. Training interventions are also made possible through this network.

Our Mission

  • To provide an effective solution to business owners, Management teams and Entrepreneurs regarding employment relationship issues.
  • To enhance the prospects of future developments of business through training and support.
  • To assist the growth of the economy by ensuring compliance of regulations by empowering entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • To be the catalyst of stable employment relations.

Our Vision

To become a support structure to business owners and entrepreneurs with the view to providing an affordable yet logical and legal service for the enhancement of employment relations.

The aim is to be a catalyst to the creation of jobs though the training and support of entrepreneurs thus affording them the opportunity to fearlessly embark on employing people without having to fear being taken to task for incorrect labour practices.

To ensure that Pro-Vision IR Services and Management Solutions cc. provides to business owners, essential value-added services utilising a network of qualified service providers.